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Recommended Secure Digital Audio Extraction software
dBpoweramp Release 12 introduces secure ripping aswell as the already excellent AccurateRip support.
Exact Audio Copy Supports secure ripping with any drive. May require correct drive features to be defined.
CD Paranoia Supports secure ripping with drives that have Accurate Stream (YES) & that do not cache audio (NO). CD Paranoia is supported by CDex (Windows) & Grip (Linux).
PlexTools Supports secure ripping with any Plextor branded CD-R(W) after the PX-W124TS & CD-ROM after the PX-40TS. Requires Audio Error Correction to be enabled.
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Subject: dBpoweramp Release 13 Date: 24th 2008f June, 2008 | Comments: 0
A new version of my favourite CD ripper is now available.

Major Changes

CD Ripper is enhanced by the addition of 3 new meta data providers (GD3, MusicBrainz & TrackType), GD3 offers album art up to 500x500 pixels. These new providers allowed for the creation of PerfectMeta™. Note-worthy additions:

CD Ripper is able to scan / paste / load album art files
HTOA ripping (hidden first track ripping),
Defective by design Ripping,
Added 'Track Technical' column will show if CD is HDCD (install DSP Effects to rip as 24 bit), or has Pre-Emphasis set
Wave: Compatible with 'id3 ' chunk ID Tags


PerfectMeta™ uses 4 Internet meta data providers simultaneously, this allows any inevitable errors, such as spelling mistakes to be self corrected. In addition, there are 100's of internal rule sets to ensure that the metadata returned is consistent across discs & providers. Last year Illustrate were proud and confident R12 issued in a new era of secure-rippers (securest of the secure), R13 offers the best metadata solution obtainable today.

Reference R13 also includes: CD Writer and Batch Ripper. CD Writer allows for burning of audio CDs, whilst Batch Ripper is designed for those with large collections to rip (and commercial Ripping houses).



Change Log:

Subject: dBpoweramp Music Converter R12 Date: 01st 2007f February, 2007 | Comments: 0
Complete rewrite, new design, every aspect updated & improved. Full Unicode support, Windows 98 to Vista support.

Rather than a line by line change, which would stretch to 10000's of lines (as with previous releases) an overview:

CD Ripper - Secure Ripper, c2 support (reference), AMG meta data with Album art & rating, ultra secure ripping mode (reference).

All Codecs updated to latest versions, all improved.

Multi-CPU encoder support (reference).

New Batch Converter, new scripting engine, new Reference version,

New DSP design allows for live effects,

dBpoweramp Music Converter R12
Subject: RMAA tests Date: 24th 2007f January, 2007 | Comments: 1
I've added a page to the site that links to RMAA tests I and others have done. You can find the page at the following link:


If you'd like your results linked to or hosted here, please contact me.
Subject: Hidden Track One Audio Date: 12th 2005f November, 2005 | Comments: 3
The database has been updated so that it now also catalogues information regarding hidden track one audio.

If you'd like to learn a little more about this subject please read this page:
Subject: DAE Guides Date: 09th 2005f November, 2005 | Comments: 0
Expect to see some Essential Ripping tutorials included within this site soon.

I've been collaborating with a 3rd party in order to get some ripping guides incorporated into this site. I'm hoping this will help make the site a more complete package.
Subject: Submit Drive Features: Script Update Date: 26th 2005f September, 2005 | Comments: 0
There was quite a serious error with the submit drive features script. This has now hopefully been resolved.
Subject: General Site Improvements Date: 29th 2005f August, 2005 | Comments: 4
The site has undergone a much needed facelift.

Also, over the past couple of months some minor changes have been introduced. You can now edit your submitted drives read features and you can now include the drives write offset.
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